Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1 - Got a late start waiting for the small craft warning to lift. Very windy after the storm of last night. Today however was clear and sunny, mostly on the cool side which actually felt invigorating. We were treated to the beautiful sight of many whales today. We agreed this was the high point of the journey. Anchored now in Gloucester, Ma. This may have been the easiest harbor to get into, with plenty of space for anchoring. Very uncrowded, beautiful harbor. I remember driving here one day to find the Crow's Nest Bar after the movie Perfect Storm came out. ( the true story of the ill-fated sword fish ship out of Gloucester. The captain played by George Clooney). L and L


  1. What kind of whales were they ?!

    When we went to Gloucester, we also saw the movie (again) and then I think you left your wallet there, I think Helen was with us. Anyway, Glad you guys are having a better time.

  2. Huh, somehow my user name is microbiota. I got it to work anyway, for some reason its hard to post a comment on here, I think I stumbled across some old profile or something that allowed me access.

    I've got some days next week doing cakes at Hannaford. Not the best option, but surely not the worst.

  3. hi lorraine and lorny, thank you lorny for the book on alexadfra david eel you gave me last yera. it has taken me all this time to get to some of yourophots onfacbook ad becasue soe of my firends are on facebook facebook has been pesteringme to signon so i had time today becasue i wanted to see your trip andphots so finnally got to see geshe an soem of the phots none of htose of you travelling up the coast with your new old boat, but too bad you did't have my phone nuber when youharbored inglocuester i live about 3 milesway . see you andhope ican get to see meore, soudns afdventurous. spoke to geshe on the phone and was supposed to go to sheila and joels last week had a oconflict. sorry about tpypos gotta go, myphonenumber is 786-282-2434it's a cell leave a essage if i don't answer remote area wher i live, you could hav eome to the little harbor below my house around hte corner from folly ocove it we'd hooked up great sailin have a great summer elizabeth enfield lanesville goucester did you call yuriandhis wife? haven't seen them yet for awhile.............