Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12- I'm pretty sure it is. so here we are Chesapeake Bay another day. It is 200 miles long. I think we went about 40/45 miles today. a good day says Lorny - he caught two very large fish -way too large for us to keep. We have a dorm size refrigerator. I was glad he didn't keep them. They looked so powerful and strong, I would have not liked to kill and eat them. We ran aground again attempting to anchor in Selby Bay in the south river. We have learned something about being grounded anyway, and were able to get out into deeper water. so we are at another marina. Lorny and I both subscribe to the idea that if something happens twice, it happens three times. I have found this to be true. so at least each time we were able to remove ourselves from the situation easier. Two more days and John will jump ship, possibly in Delaware. He needs to get back to North Bergen to escort our Aunt to Italy. We have been greatful for his tremendous help in painting the bottom and helping with all the work that is required to get this large old boat safely home to the DEEP rocky shores of Maine.

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