Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15, 2009 Awoke with a thud to find the boat drifting with it's stern to the dock. The Cohansey River has very strong tides ! We decided it was good to take advantage of it and left the dock at 6 AM. Made great time as long as the tide was going out, even reaching 8 knots/hour ( equal to about 10Miles/hour ). Our average is about 5.5 so we managed to make it to Cape May NJ by 3PM ( a total of 60 miles). This was our first experience with the Tempe Teh out in the open ocean. The boat liked it. We also liked it, but were glad to finally tie up in more peaceful water. Took a taxi to buy groceries, ate dinner, put in some laundry. Tried to fix the toilet ( not the first time). L and L

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