Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A rainy day at the Alligator River Marina

Lorny worked on repairing the rudder all day. The time passed doing laundry,made some oatmeal cookies ( macro style). L,L and J


  1. Dear Lorraine,blessings on you and the crew. Sounds like you are working hard to rid yourself of all the dratted bugs that come with new ownership.....Hang in there, keep baking the oatmeal cookies and making soup. Steve and I can certainly relate to your sailing adventures.
    I will keep you all in prayer as you navigate Eastward and back to home turf. Hope the weather holds for you and you find those little patches of blue with a good stiff breeze that keeps you on the right tack and steers you in the right direction. May all the bumps be small ones......
    Take care, great to read your blog. Keep us posted...Love Helen Rankin

  2. Looks like you guys signed up for big adventure with many rudder breaks , wobbly GPS and sun-only-bake cookies. Still can't believe that there is enough inland waterway to get you all to Maine. With all the experience you're getting on this trip Monica and I are ready to ply the Maine waters with y'all. Sooner too, we're Maine bound as well by end of this month. Hope to see more pictures (I even included one) and that we arrive after you.

  3. I guess it's a little late to wish you a happy cinco de mayo, but as it turns out you weren't celebrating. Keep calm and think about the big picture and don't worry about the calendar.

    I'm glad to have this way to keep up with your trip. Once you get past places that have names like dismal and alligator in them I'm sure things will go better.


  4. Thank you Helen for your prayers and blessings ( very comforting and needed), Brian for the picture of your handsome smiling face ( I hope we get back to Maine by the time you get there! There is an oven on board to bake the cookies), and Lorraine D for (YES) just what I was thinking about the dismal and alligator ! Love to you all, Lorraine