Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18. Oh Lord stuck in Lodi again. A catchy tune. So here we sit another day, anchored off the Cape of May. There are now 9 other sailboats anchored in this harbor. Another day of fairly strong north winds. With 5 foot waves and north winds we would only go about 3 to 5 knts. Tomorrow WILL be better weather for sure. The good thing is, is that we figured out how yet another apparatus on this boat works. ( There is 220 electric current, with a converter with a few plugs for 120. These can be used when connected to a source of electricity. There are about five 12 volt plug ins, the type that have the connector that charges off a car battery. These charge off the boat battery. There is a solar panel. This keeps the refrigerator and bilge pump and water pump going. What we discovered is how to get the inverter which converts the 12 volt plug ins for use with a regular plug to 110 - for charging phones and lap tops.) Whatever ! L and L


  1. Hey L&L, I've been following your blog but have been doing so at my work computer and I couldn't remember the password to be able to leave a comment. So congrats for getting going as far as you have. The inside of the boat looks wonderful. Can you post something about the Timpe-Teh and why you chose it to buy?

    Will you be stopping anywhere on Long Island, or don't you know yet? Remember my sister lives in Northport. What an adventure.


  2. Hello Lorraine ! We chose the Timpe -Teh because it had so much for the price. Some of it, like the generator and desalinator ( water maker) don't work. The water maker and the washer dryer need the generator to work. But it does have auto pilot,a good hot water heater, solar panel, a refrigerator. We wanted something we would not go crazy living aboard for part of the year. We love wood boats and the space on the boat. It looked like a good boat to hold small group retreats on, and a big enough galley to cook macrobiotic meals in. It is a strong boat, built to tolerate rough seas. We also liked the fact that it is a ketch, and has a pilot house. It has a diesel engine which uses very little gas, in case the wind is not right, or as in the case of the intracoastal waterway, using sails is prohibited in certain places, like canals.
    We may stop in long island, but not sure yet where. Lorraine