Monday, May 4, 2009

oy veh

May 4th - Motored out of the Alligator River Marina at 730 Am, following a sailboat also bound for the Dismal Swamp. He went a bit faster and we lost sight of him. John at the helm following GPS. Wrong ! Run aground again. Groan. No! A Benateau behind us also following his GPS ran aground. Once again called Tow Boats US. This time managed to get fairly easily pulled to deeper water. Apparently, GPS was incorrect. However ther were chanel markers in the distance we should have trusted more, and we would have been ok. So no charge for towing this time ( we do have towing insurance. There's no charge if they get you out within an hour. After that it multiplies a thousand times a minute.) Quickly discovered that the rudder repair we had paid $1,000.00 for two days ago had given way, and we were without steering. The towboat had barely gotten away, so Lorny called them back. Towed in through very rough waves. Back to the marina. So tomorrow is yet another day. Lorny thinks he can repair it. At any rate, the nearest town is twelve miles, and a mechanic may not be easy to get to make a boat call. So it could have been much worse. We could have lost the steering in the middle of the ocean, or crashed into some rocks. We are thankful once again to be safe. L,L and John

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