Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21- Back in northern waters ! We are anchored in Sandy Hook NJ. We can see the NYC skyline and the Verrazano Bridge. Very tempting to head right in to New York Harbor, but we need to time it with the tides and currents going through the Hudson into the East River, and then into Long Island Sound. The current in New York harbor can run up to 3.5 knots and at Hell Gate it's up to 5 knots. If we go against it we won't move much. So now to do some math problems. L and L


  1. Hello L+L Just wrote you a long note but lost it when I couldn't post,forgot my password. It's great to see that you are up to NY waters. Cause I actually thought you might be closer to Maine, but I guess 5.5 knots average makes for a very well paced journey. Hope NY harbor, going under the Brooklyn Bridge, taking in the NY skyline and or course Hell Gate proves fun and maybe a little exciting. Since Monica and I are about to leave for Maine - Freedom,ME 17 mi west Belfast- on Saturday, I'm betting we'll be in state ahead of you. I've got a new gmail account, and I won't forget this password, so I hope to blog with you for more of your journey.

  2. Hi Brian,
    No bet about it, you'll be there before us. It was fun being in New York Harbor, actually something I have dreamed of doing for a while. actually, my dream was to continue sailing down the Hudson, a very beautiful river, more so in it's more natural state. I find cities with so much coming at me from multiple directions, overwhelming. L