Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23 - Got a good start headed east up Long Island Sound, wind picked up after a couple hours, right at us 20 knots from the east. We also did not calculate the strong current against us on the Western End of Long Island. So we slowed down to 2 knots. After fighting the waves and wind we decided to pull in at Oyster Bay ( home town of Billy Joel). Having grown up on the south shore of Long Island, which has it's beautiful beaches it's true, I have always held the north shore with extra reverence. I really thought I would never set foot on Long Island again since my parents are both gone. So we walked the short distance to the town to do laundry and buy more groceries, had lunch in a bakery cafe. I would have given up the the visit though, for more progress in the miles department, as we only went 20 miles in 6 hours. I used to want to walk the Appalachian Trail, another hair brained, but probably faster getting there, idea. L and L


  1. When are you coming home? We miss you SO much!

  2. Hi Wilma,
    I posted a comment, but on the wrong day I think. Imagine, having a computer on a sailboat. This isn't an ordinary sailboat. Someone commented yesterday that it looks like a house boat with sails. I must have conjured it up, because lorny wanted a sailboat and I wanted something more along the lines of a houseboat.
    Getting closer, we are in Connecticut. It all depends on the wind and weather, whether we get home in a week. Love to all. L