Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29 - Happily we got expert advice on tightening up something around the rudder shaft, and two new bilge pumps,which has greatly improved the water in the bilge situation. The sailing community is certainly helpful and sociable. Other wooden boat owners immediately gravitate to our boat. Most of them love sailing in Maine, and know a lot more about it then we do. We are very encouraged hearing how similar problems were solved concerning living aboard, maintaining, and sailing a wooden sailboat. Our plan is to leave Point Judith tomorrow and head for Cape Cod Canal. L and L


  1. Good news, L&L! She sure is a beautiful craft, so I'm not surprised others are drawn to her. And I'm glad you're finding so much support and wisdom along the way. I'm sure you'll have some to reciprocate with in turn. Can't wait to welcome you back to Maine!

  2. Oh, how great that you are finding the wooden boat community of the East! It sounds like exactly what you have needed!

    Wow ... heading for Cape Cod!

    You sound closer and closer -- yea!!!!

    You need to get back here to help us plan the New Member service on June 14th. We've gone from getting 1 new member that day to getting 3 ... and maybe 4!

    Well, today Roger was away, so I had no choice but to bring U-Tube music for church! I now have little speakers for my laptop, so the sound is much better. Everyone did enjoy Johnny Cash stopping by to sing "I Saw the Light" with us. But, we'd rather have you than Johnny Cash! We did enjoy a Baptist choir singing "Ezekiel Saw De Wheel." Afterwards, I said: "That was such a lovely choir. Now when Lorraine comes back, we can tell her that we found a choir for her! She can have them singing in the background anytime!"