Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22 - Whew, even on the water New York is exhausting. We were able to coordinate getting to the Battery 2 hours after low tide, so we went with the incoming tide. At one point we were going 9 knots. A new record for this boat. Lorny discovered that the slow leak in the stern of the boat is getting a bit worse. There are two bilge pumps which are automatic, which keep on top of it. Then there are two manual ones, in case they don't work. He thinks it is coming from behind where the defunct generator is. We are at anchor for the night at City Island, at the beginning of Long Island Sound. Is this trip long, or what? L and L


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  2. Oh, Wow! It finally let me post! I have to pass all these tests to get posted, and it has always told me I don't qualify to post.

    WHEN WILL YOU BE HOME?? I miss you SO MUCH!!

  3. I'm really surprised at the route .. guess I don't know much about east coast navigation. It seems so amazing that you went up the East River!

    But somehow I did know that the route north takes you through LI Sound. Maybe you'll be past Long Island by the time you read this, but if you're docking somewhere on Long Island, my sister Rosemary is in Northport. Phone number 631 757 6506 or cell 516 982 5032. If you're docked near there, try and give a call if you want visitors/and or a chance for a shower. Stay safe, now it's a holiday weekend!

  4. Hi Wilma,
    So glad you finally got through to comment. I love getting comments. We are hoping to be home in a week our so. Say some prayers for winds going in the right direction to speed us along! L
    Hi Lorraine D,
    Just read your comment. As you can see from the blog we are in Oyster Bay, not far from Northport! It would have been fun to have some visitors, maybe we would have aimed for Northport, though the way we were going we were glad to get this far. We are more or less traveling the inter-coastal route. We had to give up much of it after Delaware Bay because it wasn't deep enough for our boat. We would also be much faster just going straight up off shore, but Lorny felt we did not have enough experience to be sailing day and night( as well as not having the correct lights on the boat yet). We thought this would be safer, and fun to do. L